David K. Grieshammer | Nearfield communication / RFID prototype
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Nearfield communication / RFID prototype


Yesterday I finally found the time to document the first approach to a cheap RFID-module you easily get on ebay, but therefore you might have a though time to find some documentation to get you started. I got the Mifare MF522-AN module for around 16 € with a shipping time of around 14 days to Europe.

Above you can see the basic setup I sketched out with the Fritzing-software. For the module I made a custom part with their new part editor which you can download here. Also, since I’m totally keen on using the Stino-Library in combination with Sublime-Text 2 to program my boards, I translated a code-example from chinese to english & cleaned up the code to work in SublimeText. The original author is called Dr. Leung, and even if the byte-definition might be daunting it’s documented pretty well once you crawled through the jungle.

Download sourcecode as zip