David K. Grieshammer | E-Car sharing concept for 2020
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E-Car sharing concept for 2020

Automotive HMI & Interactive Prototype eBee for Visteon

Visteon Corporation’s e-Bee vehicle concept envisions future mobility experiences in 2020. Focusing on a multi-purpose modular interior and anticipating a strong business trend towards integrated sharing scenarios, the e-Bee concept car is adapting to the users profile and customizing its interior, lightning, fragrance  and interfaces according to the interchanging passengers.


While todays carsharing-companies mostly utilise standard consumer cars, the e-Bee is designed especially for sharing demands. It offers complete and immediate customization e.g. by symmetrical digital Cockpit-Controls that can easily adapt to regional habits, personal profiles and settings via butt-connection that facilitate comfort and acquaintance and by “physical apps” like storage-modules, cameras, holders and gadgets to utilise the car for individual tasks.


Urban electro vehicle concept about carsharing and connected mobility in 2020.



Personalisation of controls & settings, extensive theming of HMI and ambient styles, hardware apps and social carshar- ing features.



We were accountable for the HMI concept and design as well as programming the demonstrator. The system includes an interactive realtime 3D cluster, the panels surrounding the driver and the tablets on for mobile devices; we were also invited to participate in the interior design concept for cluster & petal hardware.


Client:  Visteon Corporation
Project Lead: Thomas Sulzbach Interaction Design
3D Modeling: Estech Design
More info under: Visteon e-Bee

Demonstrator Video