David K. Grieshammer | HMI for Medical Environments
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ESB Control Panel

We designed the interaction concept and the visual design of esb’s new medical touchpanel. The esb touchpanel is a touchscreen device used in operating rooms to control and monitor the operating room’s appliances like ambient & op lighting, climate control, medical gases, electronic systems etc.


We were accountable for the whole design process, beginning with an extended research about user’s needs and goals, technical and domain-related requirements as well as customs and patterns of medical domains. Based on the insights we developed the concept and the interaction framework that led us to the final UX and visual design. Finally we developed high fidelity prototypes of the application to proof our concepts by interactive usability testing to ensure the ease of use and unambiguity needed during medical surgeries.

Client: esb
Project Lead: Thomas Sulzbach
Duration: 2010 – 2012

3 month of use cases, flowcharts & wireframing the UX logic to refine the interaction.

Interactive prototyping, CI styleguides & design of digital assets for production use.