David K. Grieshammer | Self Organizing Brainstorming Software Rhyzomind
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Self Organizing Brainstorming Software Rhyzomind

Open Source Software

When experimenting with force-feedback algorithms and concepts of self-organizing systems I sketched out the Rhyzomind concept. I was annoyed by the common mindmapping tools out there that would force users to cluster and reposition their nodes over and over again. Also it seemed to me that common tools would just visualize the fuzz in our heads and leave all the work of sorting that mess to us. But what if a tool could show you connections and relations that you didn’t think of before? What if the tool could query wikipedia and cluster by semantic relations and thematic similarities? As a fist attempt in this direction I developed the first Rhyzomind prototype in Java & Processing, that is available under Creative Commons License for Mac, Windows and Linux. As long as the uncompressed code is not available via GitHub don’t hesitate to get in touch If you’re interested in the source code.

Concept Demonstration